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The Language of Desire picture
The Language of Desire: Honest Review + Opinions

Reviewing Felicity Keith's eBook | Complete and full of the details you'll want to know before purchasing anything | Social feedback and opinions included.

Manifestation Miracle Reviews
Manifestation Miracle by Heather Matthews. Feedback.

Probably the most interesting Law of Attraction program | What's Destiny Tuning | All questions about this eBook answered.

Factors that make an attractive woman
What makes a woman attractive to a man physically?

The key ingredients that make for an attractive lady | Reasoning behind each point | The importance of a healthy self-image.

Pathway to a great physique
My minimalist guide to get a more beautiful physique

Very simplified | Difficult but simple | Escape the info chaos and do what works | Don't do it just for the girls.

Tips for confidence when going out
Best tips to get lucky when going out

Bunch of tips to be more successful with women when going out. | Confidence, confidence, confidence... and looks.

Text the romance back reviews
Text The Romance Back 2.0: Resource and review

Must stop-by for anyone looking to get TTRB 2.0 | Smartest way to grab it | Frequenty asked questions.

Language of Lust reviewed image
The Language of Lust: Honest Review

Most realistic and definitive review there is out there | Real physical gift if you do it right | Who's Lawrence Lanoff.

Speeding up the pc
8 fast steps to clean & speed up your Windows PC

If you can't watch videos right or booting up is slow | Easy step-by-step method for a certain improvement in performance.

The Salvation Diet
The Salvation Diet: What would Jesus eat

Full overview of this dieting program for Christians | Who's behind it | Leave feedback.

Manifesting money techniques
Manifesting money: Techniques

Pillars of accomplishment | The power of consistency | Time and money.

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