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What makes a woman physically attractive to a man?

15 September 2018

Some of these are just traits you are born with... some are voluntary and you may or may not wish to do something about it. Just keep in mind how SUBJECTIVE beauty can be.

1. Red clothes
Didn't expect that? There is no consensus on whether the phenomenon is based on your genetics or just part of our culture, but science backs it up clearly... check this whole Wikipedia article on the topic, if you don't believe it counts that much.

red clothes are sexy dress

2. Hair
A healthy, long, slightly loose and messy hair is where it's at... it shows youth, fertility and even attitude. Just go open and casual... riding the "office" look is often a turn-off. Show the side of your neck and play with your hair a little bit, it looks totally sexy for men. So, this is not about being a brunette or a blonde... it will appeal to many either way! It's about what your hairstyle has to say about your personality.

long hair messy fashion

3. Smile
A manly man doesn't have to necessarily smile to look hot but a beautiful girl usually has to. Comes across as being receptive, and you're making the point that you're available without having to actually say it. Show your white teeth that you've taken care of so well... BIG factor to look hot and pretty!!

Simply have a relaxed and genuine smile, it's easy to spot a fake one by looking at the skin area right below the eyes. That's in fact another useful tip to see if they are being legit or not... you can read some more details about that in this article.

4. The infamous waist-to-hip ratio
A good deal of it you're born with it, but a rational diet and exercise can help a lot. We humans have a big brain, and therefore need a big head. During evolution, there was a pressure for wider hips trough which a baby could come out with no physiological damage. That's the reason why men are hard-wired to feel attracted toward wider hips. Check out this fancy calculator to measure your personal current ratio and remember: it's not where you are from, it's where you are going.

waist to hip pink ratio females

- Did you know? The 7-minute workout has recently been validated by studies on weight loss. It's about simple, yet high-intensity exercises that can produce better results than your typical hour-long carnage. Here's one of these "One and Done" type programs (video): The One & Done Workout

5. Voice
A feminine, high pitched, smoothly-toned voice. Want to know exactly why? A lighter body composition equals thinner vocal cords! Apart from the obvious stuff, we actually know from fairly recent times that -according to a bunch of studies- we experience a higher desire toward voices that sound similar to our own speech... like those of someone from our own community or at the farthest a neighboring region. Take this very informative, well-written article on the subject.

6. Fat percentage (breasts + butt)
This one is complicated, little fat is supposed to look more sexy and fertile, but how many women take that to the extreme? Truth is, if you do a tiny bit of research, you'll realize most of men like females that are probably ten or fifteen pounds above what would be considered "cool" in fashion.

Don't try to be like a model, don't fall for those marketing tricks the fashion and beauty industries use to sell cosmetics and make-up products... Your natural level of fat is related to a lot of hormonal stuff and is mostly due to your genetics, so take it easy.

Breasts, just like glutes, are made mostly of fat tissue... you don't want to lose that. If you genuinely think you're overweight... just progressively eat a little bit less (maybe 50 kcal less per day, every week). That, plus some cardiovascular / aerobic work (increasing the timelength very gently as you become more capable), should do the job.

7. Beautiful legs
Again, mostly due to your genes (legs to height ratio). It's a fact that cellulite is brutally common... and also that we are too self-critical in front of the mirror. Running and doing some heavy squats will leave no muscle or bone in your legs untrained, so just tone it up and keep going with your natural structure. Fat deposits play a role and in the right amounts will in fact make your legs more beautiful and attractive than those of a skinny woman.

esthetic beautiful legs toned trained

8. Face symmetry and big eyes
If your face is totally symmetrical then that's a sign that your cells probably did a good job building the structure of your face before you even came out of your mother. If they hadn't had the right instructions -to put it that way- it would have come out irregular.

Testosterone makes the eyes in a man look smaller compared to the skull, so in this case the opposite (a lack of) is what shows femininity. A small nose is also positive, as opposed again to men, where their attractiveness can tolerate a sizeable nose.

9. Feet size
Not a whole lot to say about this one, but guys do tend to like smaller feet. Multiple studies prove it, and it's even recorded as part of Chinese and Hebrew history. Some of them even feel physically attracted to this bodypart!

10. Skin
The traits of a healthy skin are pretty straightforward: 1. A diet with sufficient minerals and vitamins (hopefully anti-oxidants as well!) will make it look bright and radiant. 2. Limiting direct exposure to the sunlight... it can be destructive at a microscopic, cellular level. 3. A decent skin-care treatment, which heavily depends on your individual type of skin (find out here if you don't know which one is it). 4. Lastly, take care of any inappropriate hair growth.

11. Careful with make-up
Very important... as it indicates true beauty. You can't fool millions of years of natural selection so just try to strike a balance... a style, of your own. Tons of studies and anecdotes show how too much make-up easily ruins your looks from nearly every man's perspective! So just don't overdo the artificialness.

12. Full lips
Estrogen is the "sexy" hormone in ladies. It causes your lips and upper cheeks to look fuller thanks to just the right amount of fatty deposits in that area beneath the skin. If you feel like it, use lipstick. Make sure it's compatible with your specific type of skin and keep in mind that, whether you use black, pink or red, too much contrast makes it look ridiculous and distracting.

hot red estrogen lips

Been recommending a peculiar program that tries to make you irresistible to the man you love: The Language of Desire

Final words...
In the end, all of this is personal and subjective. Maybe a guy had a special girlfriend years ago and got hooked on those specific physical traits ever since. Or consider the opposite: if you remind him of someone who's caused suffering to him in the past... chances are he's not going to "feel it".

Your real confidence is the biggest turn-on, don't criticize other women for their looks because it shows exactly a lack of that.

Don't worry, be happy.

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