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Naidy Phoon's famous program was just re-launched...


What it is, exactly? A package of various methods to increase online traffic. We all know traffic is the oxygen of the Internet and the right type, or lack thereof, can make or break an online business.

Who's behind it? Naidy Phoon. The guy is well-known in the industry. Over and over again he's been featured in affiliate leaderboards, which undoubtedly means he can send some serious traffic. Personally, he's been my competitor several times.

People's reviews? Taking these methods into practice has been a productive experience for me and my biz partner, who's an actual member. It must also be said that there are some negative reviews out there. At the end of the day, and for the sake of example, there's very rarely an Amazon product without ANY negative review... I don't think most people joining UTM now will even fully implement the method before giving up.

How safe is this? I don't like risk either. Good thing is, Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 is being sold via Clickbank, where there is a mandatory 60-day money back guarantee. Do not be lazy and if you're unhappy, absolutely go ahead and request a refund. But please don't get in with that mindset or you're going to fail. Act as if this was your only chance to succeed online... otherwise you're not going to use it.

Price? Takes $997 to sign up. There are no upsells that I'm aware of, and no membership fees. As I see it, just the sense of community makes you work harder and feel like you have a competitive advantage. I think it's well worth it.

MY VERDICT? If you are currently not producing at least 100 visits a day or 3000 a month, go get it. It's action oriented... perfect for your situation.

Naidy Phoon

Now, a more detailed breakdown...

I asked a friend to write a quick review for me. He's an actual UTM member:

The main thrill of internet business is getting conversions. How do you get conversions? Well, you need to generate traffic for your website. While SEO tools could help in generating this traffic, there are other tools you could use to boost the number of visitors to your site. One of such tools is the Ultimate Traffic Monster.

A good online marketer knows the importance of sending targeted traffic to a website. It not only boosts your chances of conversion but also increases your ROI.

In this review, we look at Ultimate Traffic Monster as a traffic generating tool:

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Ultimate Traffic Monster Partnership Program v3.0

UTM will help drive healthy traffic to your website, as it incorporates little-known techniques to bring in new visitors.

Also within the strategy, there's a method to generate the necessary traffic without having to hire someone to keep the whole thing going.

In the light of the above strategies, Naidy Phoon offers two distinct modules, each with an array of processes that could contribute positively to traffic building.

One of these programs uses a training centered approach while the other does everything for the subscriber.

Below, we take a look at these modules alongside their strengths and weaknesses.

COMPONENT 1: Building your own Campaigns

UTM 3.0 aims to teach a subscriber the best methods to generate their own traffic. All a subscriber needs to do is to enlist for the "Traffic Monster Partnership Program". In this program, participants are trained on the various means to generate traffic.

This is done through a selection of high probability converting channels that UTM has. There are also other modules like;

  • Tips to help obtaining high return on investments with paid traffic. This comes in handy in harnessing the value of incoming traffic.
  • How to set up a high converting landing page that will make users respond to the Calls To Action on a given website.

COMPONENT 2: Service Based Approach to Building Traffic

While UTM can teach means to generating traffic, this may be a luxury a website owner can't afford, especially for the small websites.

UTM opts to provide services directed towards building your traffic through a passive, automatized approach... it's very done-for-you oriented.

The system can create for you a nice landing page with auto-responders that will make use of that traffic and turn it into subscribers.

They also do keyword research in order to reveal high-performing keywords to subscribers, and can run most of your campaigns for you with no hidden costs.


...So, don't fall for scams! There are several in this industry. UTM works, BUT a fundamental part of this program relies on you working hard AT LEAST until your promotions can keep going on their own. There's nothing free + easy in Internet Marketing if it ACTUALLY works.



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