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First, check for COUPONS* and make sure you've been looking at the most recently updated version.

That's the most recent version there is.

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Get your questions answered!

What is it exactly?

TTRB 2.0 is basically a relationship transformer. It's full of done-for-you texts and smart stuff to DOMESTICATE his subconscious (sort of). The most interesting parts are about catching his attention no matter where he is and making him "feel" you. There is even a "Distance Destroyer" method or a "Relationship Time Machine".
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How quickly can I have it?

You have immediate access to the platform. Just log-in after you grab it... you'll get the steps in the "thank you" email.

In what format is it presented?

Mostly text + audio. The contents are well organised and visually very pleasing (thankfully so... because there are tons of materials in there). In other words: it's easy to absorb.

Who are the makers?

Michael Fiore - the guy from Digital Romance - and his team.

Why are they credible?

1. Because they have a track record of success with several previous programs.

2. Because their customers have publicly -and consistently- reported feeling happy as hell about the results.

Is this "money-back guarantee" true?

Please have no doubt about that. If you didn't like it and wished to have your money back, you'd have it. Plain and simple. You have as many as 60 days.

They need to act like this in order to maintain their status and reputation. Check their full terms if you wish, but trust me: if you hate the thing, you'll have it all back.

By the way, if you do end up requesting a refund, for whatever reason, no need to return the gift mentioned above :)

What do people say about it?

The whole thing was recently improved and relaunched... give me some time to compile all social feedback I can find. Reviews from 2010 are great though, people did put it to practice and loved the results.

Is there any discount? Or ways to get it free?

Not possible, really. They have one fixed price of $47 and for a good reason. I can guarantee if you see a discount, they're lying.

About getting it for free... I did a considerable amount of searching and I couldn't find it - as expected. That type of piracy content is usually tagged and taken down within a day. If you can find it, so can they. Plus, it wouldn't make sense because Text The Romance Back 2.0 is an entire interactive platform... you're missing the point if you only have access to the downloadables.

Is it available on Amazon or anywhere else?

Not at all. It's exclusively sold via their site.

Is it also for singles?

Yeah, that's exactly the reason why it's called 2.0! There is a whole section on that.

Ways to pay? Who's Clickbank?

Paypal and the usual CC's. Clickbank is the marketplace that does all the payment processing for Digital Romance. They have some massive credentials, check them out here in wikipedia... they've been in business since the beginning of the Internet pretty much.

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