Interested in SURVIVE IN BED "SYSTEM"?

You're probably here looking for unbiased feedback and to see what the whole thing is about.

What's inside it? - Who's behind? - Is it safe and credible? - Reviews and feedback? - Is there any discount? - Isn't it too good to be true? - Can you get it anonymously? etc.

This is a dense, to-the-point compilation of all the data you'll probably want to know before buying it.

Most other reviews out there are pathetically biased... I had insider access to these "guides" so let's cut to the chase and save you some time.

Survive in bed by Jack Bridges

What is it, exactly?

A pill-free set of natural compounds present in certain foods that will help you with Erectile Dysfunction. Safe and cheap.

It makes for longer, better erections and for more sexual vitality. The science is more complex than this, but the main thing is about blood vessels not relaxing right when you suffer from ED. The nervous system's response to sexual arousal is also dealt with.

Some of it can also help with premature ejaculation, given that the root cause is similar.

The essence of it consists of enzymes and amino acids. It's all relatively simple but just complex enough to WORK.

It takes effect in a bunch of weeks, but some can possibly have a first decent erection within 48 hours.

3 bonus contents are included: GO FOREVER, TEXT YOUR WAY TO SEX, SEXUAL SUPERFOODS. You've probably seen that already in the video by Jack Bridges.

When will I receive it?

Immediately! There is nothing physical to be shipped. The Survive in Bed System is virtual. You can have access to it all in a bunch of minutes from now.

What's inside it? What are the contents?

It's a downloadable platform / virtual book. It's accessible any time you need it, from any device (pc, laptop, smartphone...).

The contents are clean, organized and well put together in general.... it's an easy read. I can't disclose what's inside 'cause that would be piracy, but here I leave you with some examples that are VERY (hint) much related to what this is about:

Panax Ginseng. Tongkat Ali.

Yohimbe (Alkaloid). Horny Goat Weed.

It doesn't get more natural and exotic than these "herbs" and plants.

Who's behind it? Are they credible?

Jack Bridges —former "ED guy"— and a tiny team. He's in his 50s and lives in Lincoln, Nebraska.

To be honest, I'm not sure that's his real name... he probably doesn't want to be famous for this (maybe because he would be sued by pharmaceuticals), but you sort of get to know him in the video you must have watched. That's probably too why I couldn't find him on social media.

The guy seems to have done his homework anyway. You can tell by the feel of the info he's put together.

Are there any discounts?

Impossible again. They simply don't work with discounts. The price is fixed.

Is the Money Back Guarantee true?

Be certain. They use a platform called Clickbank to receive payments. Check who they are. These guys oblige anybody who sells anything trough their system to refund every unhappy customer. You have 60 long days.

Feedback? What do people think after trying it?

There's a problem here, because nobody is going to openly share they suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. Plus, the "Survive in Bed System" is only a few months old... more time is needed to compile all social feedback.

We only have anonymous comments which, by definition, are not verifiable. Here are a couple I was able to find:

"Hey Jack I have no problems getting it up, I divorced my fat western wife, and married a slim, super sexy Chinese girl, now I can rise to any occasion, anytime". Kevin H.

"I would like to say thanks for a great product, my girl has been wondering what's gotten into me and my energy level has been trough the roof. Thanks again." James M.

How much does it cost?

$69 bucks. No hidden charges whatsoever.

Is it SAFE to pay?

view ssl security

Yes, Secure Sockets Layer (https, instead of http) is enabled and Clickbank counts with all standard security measures that are legally required when processing payments as a merchant.

In any case, you can choose to pay via Paypal, which we all know you are backed up by in case anything went wrong.

Apart from that, you should see 3 logos in the order form (TRUSTe certificate, McAfee Secure, Norton Secured). You can click in them if you wish.

Can I have it for free?

No way. I searched and found nothing. If you can find it, so do the Copyright people, so these are usually taken down within two days. You wouldn't have the support anyway, or it would probably come incomplete... you really need the whole thing.

What about privacy?

Don't worry, nobody is going to know you've bought this. It's meant that way! It won't show as such in any statement.

Is it unique? Any alternative?

There is a chaos of information out there in regards to this topic. You need months of research and many, many trial and error experiments to come up with this stuff. That's where the value is.

To date, I haven't seen anything this specific and the alternatives are usually weird and expensive (and not so natural). RIGHT NOW, this has a value to it.

Where is it available?

As mentioned above, exclusively from the official site (the page with the long video you've seen). This is the order page. Not available on Amazon!

Is it not "too good to be true"?

Don't be turned off by the hype of their video, that's what they have to do to get noticed in the industry. It's not a scam because it can't be a scam. Clickbank wouldn't work with them if it was.

If they don't maintain a standard of customer satisfaction, they are out of business... credit card companies wouldn't do business with them. That's just how it works.


ed comfortable bed with your wife


A little saying, if you are young and suffering from ED:

Contrary to popular belief, Erectile Dysfunction is not just part of our older population. If you're young and you've recently been unable to achieve or maintain a healthy erection, do not panic: Yes, it is (temporary) ED, but no, you are not an isolated case. The number of young men suffering impotence has been steadily increasing in recent decades. As shown in several different studies published by The Journal of Sexual Medicine, subjects with erectile dysfunction under 40 years of age already represent more of a third of the total population suffering from it.

Don't be let down by it! In fact, ED is very commonly occurring in young men. That's exactly why it is receiving lots of attention from researchers and relevant professionals. Therefore, we arrive to a conclusion: You are not alone in this fight.

Something is affecting male sexuality, and we have to find the exact causes and solutions for juvenile impotence. Do not despair, your toy is not broken, there are many well identified causes and treatments available. To understand what happens, you need to go beyond what's visible.

So, if you are older than 40 perhaps you can attribute your handicap to the most frequent causes. However, most of the reasons underlying Erectile Dysfunction under 40 are still to be pinpointed. They may be the result of our current society which promotes an unhealthy, stressful lifestyle. We are prone to certain types of vices and psyque disorders. In general, these causes can be either organic or psychological. Very often a combination of both.

You're not alone, and there's help on the way.

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