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Stroke of Genius (aka Handjob Genius), by Cassidy Lyon, is a system that teaches women to perform the most amazing handjobs and domesticate his love and trust in the process.

Just when you think there isn't much to learn about the process, you come to this system / program... there is much more to learn than what you can imagine, and your relationship or love fantasies may depend on how you play your woman card.

Have you heard all the spicy stories about how women were unsuccessful in making their men happy via handjob?

Stroke of Genius is a sophisticated guideline to earn that attraction back, there are massive amounts of content dedicated to making it easy and pleasurable for both. These experiences are not so common, unfortunately, and they usually take an experienced person to do well.

Cassidy Lyon

So when the night falls and bed time is here, you will have added an extra tool, an extra skill, to make it an incredible romantic -or spicy- night in. Would you rather go out and take a guy on your first date, or actually put this into practice with the person who's the most dedicated to you? Your boyfriend, husband... your other half!

The sexual side of your life can be cultivated and enhanced if you have the know-hows. How sophisticated and memorable your cuddling time can be, is up to you. Whether you are a bit conservative or perhaps easier to turn on, achieving pleasure for you and your man can be trickier than it seems. It's extremely subjective and, as already said, depends on your nature.

What kind of dates you like to have? That would be essential in determining how you can play with this sort of ebook. Naughty? Timid? Submissive? Got to find that out.

Does it really work? Show me examples.

Your guy's decisions and personality also play a role. It can be very powerful in manufacturing that attraction and feelings, once again. How long you've been together can also impact the effectiveness of these techniques. Have you been together for more than 3 years? Then your sort of connection is probably a more empathic one, rather than sexual. That lose of sensitivity is what needs to be fixed -or fine tuned- in order to transform this into a sweeter connection between you and him.

The relevance of your interests: Have you ever "done it" in a place where you would be embarrassed if caught? The place, as the parts of your body and skills you use, can be the most important factor to get a guy as aroused as he's ever been. He WILL remember you... become the queen of his erotic mind. Lips and hands can both be alright.

Stroke of Genius Reviews

Handjob Genius

Doing in the morning, in the evening, during the night... doesn't affect how incredible your time together can get. These guidelines, scripts and tricks are thought of as tools to make it fall in love even more. You don't need to be special or perfect in the act, but it helps. You wouldn't believe what an universe of possibilities lay within your hands and how you use them. Opinions?

As these were written, new knowledge was put up on the Internet... I have never seen real reviews about a book, a novel, an article, that compiles everything you really need to know to become the world's best handjob giver. Make in the process his dreams come true with a smile and a new ability. It's so daring it couldn't be a scam.

The place where you two met for the first time obviously has no bearing, but try to think about the feelings you had those first days. If he's not your boyfriend, at least think of him in any other context. Making that into a solid emotion that lasts trough time is no easy task. These late-night sexual experiences can become memories and assets to a couple. Romantic interaction is part of it... it's not only meat and physical stuff! Too passion and love making, like Cassidy Lyon says.

A discount?

Remember the last gift he gave you. Did you pay him back in bed? Those little everyday things count a lot towards the chemistry you both feel. Download all that emotion into your body, spirit and soul, and pay attention to his moaning! It can tell you a lot about how you are doing... you, and your other half (or sex partner - a casual thing). On the table, against the wall, sitting on the edge of the bed... you choose, but choose well and put these lessons to practice.

Handjob Genius by Cassidy Lyon

After reading plenty of stories like the one you must have watched on SOG's presentation video, you open your mind to the hundreds of tricks and methods to completely drive him crazy for you. The idea is that he doesn't ever feel complete again with a different woman, so he's addicted to you. Almost no one out there is going to be as good as you are with handjobs. That's why it's called handjob GENIUS.

From the pressure you apply with your hands (not even with your lips), to the speed and tact of your thumb, everything counts. At the beginning of the video, you hear from Cassidy Lyon about when she almost broke his guy's toy and he didn't want to see her again. That got her traumatized enough to go on a crazy learning and researching rant that paved the way for SOG. It couldn't been concentrated in just a few pages so the whole package was created into existence. Don't end up like her! It's just too easy to pull his toy too abruptly.

Fun at night: You shouldn't go as far as planning your strokes, obviously, but doing it gently and with the right vibe is the way to go. You'll get to know many more details inside the gigantic guide you are about to acquire. Maybe you shouldn't tell him and give him a surprise... up to you! Make him moan with emotion, if you can :) One hand or two hands, you'll learn either way.

If you've been trying to find further feedback, articles, people talking about it on forums... you probably haven't been very lucky. This stuff has just been launched and women are not going to be sharing this kind of thing on social networks, it's too private! Rely only on a overview when it's rational and neutral, and not on low quality PDF files. You're going to find that the authors are not credible enough, if you do some due diligence. Read ONLY - trustworthy - authors!


On a final note, I would like to mention this is not a perfect technique. It depends heavily on your ability to be erotic and sexy, and how much you don't want him to ever forget you. Yet, if you do it RIGHT, he'll wish to repeat with you for eternity.

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