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The Salvation Diet

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My mission: Save you some time by easing and speeding up the process of you deciding whether you want to purchase TSD or not.

I'll do that by putting together every piece of information you'd probably want to know before paying anything.

Please remember I'm neutral and unbiased about it. I do not work for any company, I just make good reviews. I wrote this in fact because I got early access to the program and feel there's a lack of genuine, helpful reviews out there.

The Salvation Diet is an approach to losing weight and building a beautiful body with the particularity that it all comes from the Bible. This is precisely for adult Christians who desire a better health and the new possibilities that come with that.

The best health insights from the Bible, an oil that helps you feeling full, Jesus' ways on sleep and insomnia, an exotic root-vegetable that promotes the "chemical of happiness", a protocol to take all the work and dread out of exercise, a bunch of no-go ingredients that are important to avoid, the Bible's most powerful verses on willpower, debunking a couple myths about breakfast, and of course the right workout plans and energetic meals to go with all that.

Purdue University discovered that Christians were 14% more likely to be obese than non-believers.

So, this is the essence: Extend your own life in the service of others.

1. Must-know data
2. How is it presented?
3. What's inside? Contents.
4. Who's made it? Credibility?
5. Is there any discount? or free PDF?
6. Is a full refund guaranteed, if I don't like it?
7. Conclusion

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1. Must-know data:

Price: (Down)

Availability: Exclusively from the official site. Not from Amazon, not from anywhere else.

Discounts: None. There is one single, fixed price for everyone.

Launch date: November 7th, 2015

Official Website: (Down)

Scam alert: Negative.

Support: Outstanding, to be honest. If you need anything just let them know, the answers are quick and friendly.

Author: Chris Walker (read more about him below...)

2. How is it presented?

"It took one full year. I started at Genesis and read all the way through to Revelation."

It's basically an ebook (or an interactive, virtual book) that is consumable either online or offline, in your computer, tablet or mobile device.

It's professionally put together and clearly built to be read with ease: no heavy paragraphs and to the point.

You get your personal log-in details after you buy it and then you have immediate access to it.

You have the option to download all the contents to any device so you can read them (or watch them) off the Internet.

3. A look into the contents:

All the stuff in it is well organized into modules and sections which are easily browsable and readable.

These seem to be the most interesting ones:

Sabbath Sleep Hacks: When you read the story of Jesus you can tell he spent a considerable amount of time resting. Understand how you might sleep 10 hours and still wake up exhausted... and as a consequence how to improve your REM sleep.

Oil for the Soul: Makes you feel truly full. For those who are left hungry and unsatisfied after a good meal.

Let Jesus Take the Grocery Cart: Sort of a Biblical grocery list. This tells you precisely what to eat.

Root Vegetable of Happiness: Awesome tasting vegetable that induces what's known as "the chemical of happiness" and helps to prevent depression.

The Secret of Living Water: The word WATER is mentioned 722 times in the Bible. Some studies show that 75% of North Americans may suffer from chronic dehydration (which causes headaches and high blood pressure, to name just a couple...). This will allow you to tell when you're really dehydrated, which isn't always feeling "thirsty". Drinking more fluids can actually suck precious water and minerals from muscle tissue.

Craving Communion Method: Taken from the Leviticus. Stop your sugar cravings. Sugar can be a poison.

7 Days of Creation meal plan: A bunch of god-given, real foods taken from the Bible... thought to have an energetic, mood-lifting effect.

The Secret of Sleep Pollution: Why did Jesus never have to deal with insomnia? How removing one specific thing from your bedroom can tremendously help your rest.

The 40-Day Biblical Guide to Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Transformation: 40 spectacular verses from the Bible that put Jesus in control of your journey. This is about willpower being taken out of the equation!

The "Pew Potato" workout: A total of 60 minutes a week spent performing Jesus' own favorite exercises that reduce your chances of early death by over 30 percent.

Balanced Breakfast Lie: A problem and a solution to improve your breakfast and therefore the rest of the day.

The Child of God Method: Children do it automatically. We've forgotten.

An "evil ingredient" your Mom was tricked into giving you, which in reality probably makes you bloated.

And more! There's a lot covered.

4. Who's made it? Credibility?

Chris Walker and his team! He's a good man -a Christian from heart- with the experience of being overweight himself, and the intention of being helpful to others by providing the tools and the know-how for a positive change.

I'm not a medical doctor or a scientist. I'm not a personal trainer or a nutritionist. What I am is a 42-year-old follower of Christ who worships in a small church in Orlando, Florida... and over the last 3 years Jesus has guided me to help men and women of faith just like you to finally escape the curse of obesity through the astonishing secret path laid out in the Holy Bible...

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5. Can I get it for free or at least discounted?

Sorry, no discount exists for The Salvation Diet. Sometimes you'll see $10 or $20 discounts advertised around the Internet, but they simply want to fool you into clicking... the real price of $47 will always show up in the end.

That's because this ebook is solely available from a platform that is price-rigid and doesn't allow for discount vouchers.

Now, about getting it for free: Nowadays piracy is complicated and you cannot download this kind of stuff from the Internet. These are entire interactive books, not just a bunch of PDF files. In any case, when they are indeed put back online for others to download, they are usually taken down within hours. If you can find them, so do "they".

Every 10 pounds of extra weight drag an average of $300 in added health costs, per year.

6. Is the money-back guarantee for sure?

Yes, if you end up feeling unhappy about it, for whatever reason, you send them an email requesting a refund and you'll always get it.

There's a 365-day money-back GUARANTEE, which full terms you can read if you wish by clicking in the "return policy" link within the order form (you'll get there prior to purchasing it).

Your order will go through Clickbank which is a payments company that does thousands of transactions daily. Check their Wikipedia page if you want to see credentials, they've been in business since 1998.

So, no questions asked, no weird tricks... if you feel like you deserve your money back, you'll get it. Plain and simple. They all risk their reputation here.


So, can the Salvation Diet make your life a little better? Now you should have enough information to decide. If you think so, go ahead and give it a try on the basis that it's entirely based on the Bible. That's what's interesting and original to this approach.

salvation diet download pdf

Thanks so much for reading!

Some additional info - F.A.Q:

What are the exact steps to acquire and install this whole program? You go to the Salvation Diet's official website (which you can find way above), click on the big colorful button, read a bunch of details and fill out the order form (your name and your payment info obviously). Then you will go through the secure payment process and in the end you will receive your personal private information that you will need in order to log into the platform. It's a page by page process, you won't get lost! It's all thought out to be easy.

How long does it typically take for people to begin to see some results from the diet and different protocols? Just like with any other physical change you want to make, it will take time... and "how much" greatly varies from one person to another. Now, typically you can expect to lose a bunch of pounds in the initial weeks and then it will start to decelerate. After two months, most people's bodies are in a fat burning "cruise" mode and kill off a pound per week. You shouldn't want to lose much more than that after some time. As I said, it all depends on your initial weight and how moderate you want to make it (the slower you lose the weight, the healthier!).

Is it really unique? It is not, in the sense that it's been in the scriptures for thousands of years. It is, when you consider how people go tremendously far away from the Bible to achieve a better, more beautiful body... when that's not necessary. The Salvation Diet is a simplified, organised resume of true health wisdom.

What are the exact steps to follow if I am not happy and wish to request a refund? Go to your email inbox. Search for the name of the program, or "clickbank", or "transaction"... just find the email you got when you purchased it. You'll have your "receipt id" (or something called very similarly) in there... which is a little id that identifies your purchase. Then, go to https://www.clkbank.com/ , put the ID I mentioned and just follow instructions.

Why did I make this review - article? Because I was one of the first to get the program and realized how difficult it is to find genuine, realistic feedback from people who have actually tried the product. Everybody will try to make you click so they can make a few bucks from you, but they aren't giving you the information you were looking for. At all. So, I thought a compilation of all information I could find in regards to this product (and my own experience) was needed.

So, what about the opinion and feedback of unbiased users? Like I said, it's hard to find social reinforcement. If you want to explain the lack of feedback for TSD in the search engines, consider that it was launched on November 7th (they haven't had time yet to put it to the test!) and that people will not talk about having bought a system to improve their bodies, based on religious ground... in their social networks or anywhere else... just on the basis of embarrassment!

Is it ergonomic? That is... easy to read, to browse, and to consume in general? Yes, absolutely. Everything has been built to be that way. Large letters and a visually pleasing design, easy to navigate between modules and sections, no boring paragraphs full of unimportant data... clear and to the point, that is! If your eyes aren't that sharp anymore, you won't have to force them. There's in fact a style and a touch to the whole thing.

Very good luck with it.

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