Lack of time is one of the reasons most people give for failing to exercise. Let's not get into how genuine of a reason that is, but research has now proved that working out for VERY short periods of time can still be as beneficial.

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Even a routine as short as 7 minutes could be enough to reap the desired health benefits. This is good news to those who may have shied away from working out because of the amount of time it eats out of your daily routine.

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Scientists have devised a 7 minute workout regime that is said to have as many health benefits as a weight training session or a long run. You only require a chair, a wall and a few minutes of your life. There's a catch though: Experts claim that you have to be in pain while doing the routine to reap the benefits. The new routine comprises of 12 exercises that utilize the body's own weight to achieve the same results as weight training in only 7 minutes.

But interval training needs intervals. That's why the experts who devised this system insist that for the workout regime to yield the intended benefits, the highly intensive workouts should be interrupted by short periods of recovery. Indeed, in the program, a 10-second rest period is recommended between the exercises.

Meredith Shirk

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The exercises are also arranged in a way that allows for alternating of muscles to ensure the unexercised muscles get plenty of time to recover. In fact, Meredith Shirk is very particular on what exercises you should do, in which order you should do them and for how long you should do each. No discounts!

The 12 exercises include push-ups, jumping jacks, side plank, push-up and rotation, squat, wall sit, abdominal crunch, lunge, step-up on to chair, plank, and triceps dip on chair. They need to be performed in rapid succession with each lasting for 30 seconds. But the intensity needs to be really high to get maximum results. On a discomfort scale of one to ten, the intensity should be hovering around eight. These minutes should be very unpleasant.

Does a short workout really work? Is it worth it?

When you say it out loud, 7 minutes may not seem like adequate time to do any meaningful exercise. Even the Disease Prevention and Health Promotion office recommends a 10 minute workout everyday to help achieve the 150 minutes of exercise required weekly. However, it doesn't say that high-intensity exercises done in shorter periods of time can't help. A lot.

HIIT exercise

You've probably heard it many times: The big "One and Done Workout scam". Turns out, this style of exercise offers many benefits including losing weight, increasing your energy levels and getting better sleep. Even when short and intense! Being physically fit should also raise your confidence.

So, in a nutshell, Svelte training experts have discovered how intensity matters as much as duration. Fortunately, you can't buy time but you can buy done-for-you guidance. Countless numbers of transformation pictures, case studies and stories back this up. These are the REAL REVIEWS you should be looking for.

What does research say? Feedback and opinions

According to Chris Jordan, who is the director of exercise physiology at the Human Performance Institute, there is evidence under review that intense interval training works as good as prolonged endurance training. Previous research has shown that training for a few minutes at an intensity that almost matches your maximum capacity leads to molecular changes in your muscles similar to those of hours of cardio: bike riding or running, for example.

7-minute workout

A study conducted by the University of Utah has confirmed that those little bits of exercises you engage in regularly can add up to make a big impact. Even a minute of movement can produce noticeable results. Women who performed short, high-intensity exercises daily registered a slight decrease in body mass index (BMI) when compared to the control subjects.

The same was observed in men. The calories the women burned during this short, high-intensity workouts enabled them to weigh around a half pound less than their counterparts. The odds of being obese were also low for both men and women who took part in the activities.

According to another research published in Obesity, splitting your exercises into short sessions is very helpful when it comes to appetite control. A group of the participants exercised for a full uninterrupted hour while the other group split the workout into 12 sessions of five minutes each. One and done!

Both groups registered similar amounts of the protein responsible for controlling appetite. However, the group that did short sessions said they felt 32% fuller during daytime. Splitting their workout into short sessions seemed to increase their satiety. You can download a few of these study results as a free pdf.

One and Done Workout Reviews

Meredith Shirk: How to fit exercise into your daily routine

Even after reducing it to several minutes, you may still find it hard to fit in exercise into your busy schedule. And even when you get the time, you may feel like you'd rather take a rest instead. Staying fit is never easy, but it should not be impossible either. The following tips will help you find the appropriate time to sneak in a few short workouts into your schedule.

1. Take advantage of TV commercial breaks. Get down and do some push-ups or jumping jacks before your favorite television show resumes.

2. Do the nano workout. Instead of just standing around, do some exercises while performing your daily tasks such as brushing your teeth.

3. Set a reminder on your mobile phone to encourage and motivate you to workout throughout the day.

4. Chose to walk instead of driving and use the stairs instead of the elevator. Try parking your car as far as possible from the store.

5. Be consistent to achieve the best possible results. You can tweak your routine once in a while to what fits into your day naturally.

Very short workout

... and that's the one and done workout in a nutshell.


Yes. A few minutes worth of exercise each day can help maintain / improve your health and fitness. If you are still skeptical, just give it a try... when you finally catch your breath, notice how much a few minutes of intensity can do to your mind and body. If you are the type that never seems to be able to fit a good workout in, this program might be it for you.

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