Manifesting Money: Techniques for FAST wealth

The pillars of any future accomplishment

Manifesting money techniques

Are you looking to attract more wealth into your life?

In my own experience, after a dozen attempts since I was a teenager and recently experiencing some success finally, I find these INGREDIENTS to be the PILLARS of manifesting money and wealth in a fast way:


Know exactly what you want. Set the path and a deadline. You need to be able to visualize your goals with the highest of resolutions. They must be clear and defined. THEN you can laser focus your whole attention / intention.

Given that you can't successfully compete against people who know more than you do, outsmart them. Dominate your area of expertise.


If you put the kinetic energy of an arrow into a piece of wood, it probably won't kill anyone. Yet, that same amount of energy - concentrated in a specific, very defined area - can be lethal.

Laser-focus on a specific goal, deadline by deadline, to increase ten fold your chances. It won't resist itself for long. If you do have serious problems focusing, do a bit of research and try some techniques... surely there are plenty.

Money rolling


Drop by drop, an ocean is born. An extremely hard challenge can become a simple one if you spend 30-60 minutes on it everyday for years. Learning an exotic language, becoming wealthy, getting a PhD, mastering a specific topic... are good examples. There's very little, including money, you can't manifest with the right lunatic-like consistency.

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You need to have a burning desire within you... a deep belief in yourself, which can't be described in words. Your long-term goal should be what's in your mind the moment you wake up, and if you apply the other points... it's just a matter of time.

You need to be able to turn your passion on like a switch, along with the motivational rage that will allow you to be productive during those bad moments and bad days.


Implant the thing into your subconscious mind. Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, there is value in printing an idea deep inside your consciousness. Have a very clear picture of where you WILL be in the short term, and also in the long term.

For instance, there's a system called Manifestation Magic and it's the newest, hottest New Age program right now.

It could help you a lot if you believe in visualization.


The more you give, the more you'll receive. Make a real effort, way outside your comfort zone. Help people in one way or another. When the struggle is over, it's a fact you'll know and feel it was worth it.

The battle happens during the bad days when you don't feel motivated motivated. Everyone could do it if it was easy... which makes you special if you can indeed go trough it... isn't that the nice thing about tough stuff?


Probably the most important ingredient when it comes to achieving anything big in life... whether we like it or not. If you want the money, there is no more important ingredient than time. Think about it, even minimum wage will get you a luxurious car if you spend half your lifetime doing it.

Time is a money multiplier! If you want it fast, you are going to have to explode the other variables to the equation, but do be aware. Creating false time expectations will impact your ability to keep going and get up every morning.

- - - 7 mechanized steps to attract wealth in a bunch of days?

Wealth techniques

These are the most important techniques for manifesting money or wealth quickly. It may sometimes not happen so quickly, but it will happen. You can read all the self-help books you want but you'll never achieve more than with ACTION. The fundamentals are fairly straightforward.

Many people into LoA are into programmed visualization for manifesting, smelling money, writing down what you have already accomplished even before actually accomplishing it, gratitude walks, etc... that's up to you if you want to try it, but don't forget what's key.

Like I said, I'm just now experiencing some decent economic returns to all the smart working -or not so smart at unmotivated times-.

Don't give up, even if it feels the sweetest thing to do in the present. Become blind to the difficulties of the present and keep going.

If one way doesn't give you what you were looking for, try another. There's always an equilibrium between not giving up too early on something and actually wasting a lot of time that could be more profitably invested elsewhere. That balance is subjective to your thing, be intelligent and find out where it is.

Another technique you can perform is to imagine all the stuff you are going to be able to do when you have more money. Don't get stuck in materialism, but do give your primitive self some juicy things to look forward to. That's going to give you a sweet burst of motivation that will be helpful to keep you on track.

Finally, give back. Teach others. Help others. Nothing makes for more true happiness and well being than that.

Best of luck!

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