Manifestation Magic Review

We’ve all greatly desired to attract something that we have wanted for a long time, but never seem to be able to get it by any natural means.

Maybe you’ve tried religion, or even other supernatural / psychology tutorials that espouse you to simply “believe you can”.

Manifestation Magic claims to do none of this, but contain testimonies and even a personal life story to help confirm its effectiveness.

The Guy Behind

The creator of this method is Alexander Wilson, who says that his fake social media life of glory and riches online was completely fake, and was actually living in pretty bad conditions.

As his life began crumbling down on him, he began to search for an answer to his suffering.

Alexander Wilson

In a supernatural manner, Wilson claims he taught himself how to control his brain waves and particle energy to make all his dreams and goals come true.

Eventually his hard work with the supernatural allowed him to get to his platform of sharing his experiences with anyone else willing to listen.

So, is his method of any use, or worth any money? Let's find out.


The entire program is not just one text guide, or one video.

In fact, it consists of over 9 chunks that all have the singular goal of helping your manifestations come to fruition.

Here's a simplified breakdown of the juicyness:

-- Quick Start Guide: This is the first step, and introduces you to everything Alexander will teach you and help you listen to the audio recordings. Since it is only text, it is available in Kindle as well as PDF, and even iBook if you are reading on your iPhone.

-- Chakra Wealth Energy Enhancing + Twilight Transformation Energy Orbiting Track: Yeah, these names make anybody dizzy, but both of these tracks are the main ones you will listen to to begin your energy transformation and fundamentally change your brain waves and your subconscious.

-- The "Push Play" Audio App: Just a simple application downloadable on your mobile device so you can listen to it anywhere, whatever you’re doing. Clear some extra vibration blocks while you're on the go.

-- Chakra Power + 360-Day Transformation + Abundance Miracle systems: Though the entire package is one big program, these three are systems on their own, and fulfill individual goals you may have. These can enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the entire Manifestation Magic program.

Plus Bonuses!!!

Manifestation Magic program

How Does It Work?

Manifestation Magic primarily teaches you to decrease the ability of external factors to lower your vibration. In other words, it's about recovering control over your reality (which is little but a zoo of conscious and unconscious thoughts).

The superficial and negative thoughts that constantly pervade our natural being... these are low-vibration thoughts that do nothing to benefit us. If we use the technique of energy orbiting to upgrade the quality of those brainwaves from Beta state to a Theta state, the universe should respond. That's the basis of visualization and the law of attraction, which are obviously the core of this.

And just like that, this shift in mentality to a positive and confident outlook begins to attract your desires, whether it be money, a relationship, or a job. The entire program teaches you how to think like this, with your primary source of help being the wide range of audio tracks provided. Always review them.

MM is not a scam

The audio tracks use a variety of scientific theories, and have been proven to work via various studies. The first strategy is subliminal messages. Many media corporations use them to secretly manipulate their audiences by placing hidden messages in their video, but you can use them to your own benefit in the tracks. All tracks have audio subliminal messages which your conscious brain may not pick up, but your unconscious does and helps change the wiring of your head.

NLP, or neuro linguistic programming, is the next method infused in the audio. It features highly distorted, yet specific sounds which trigger certain brain functions when heard. They gradually change your mindset, and thus, the energy that you exude begins to attract all you have ever wanted from your life. These are obviously not exclusive as some can be found in Youtube (good luck finding the ones that do work anyway) but the idea is to combine them with the rest of the package.


So, what are the benefits of Manifestation Magic that make it supposedly better than all other books and courses on this topic?

1. Solid Accountability: It can be safely assumed that any self-help or supernatural program that only has one feature and method of development will probably not work, since everyone learns in a different manner. Alexander Wilson seems to have avoided this problem entirely by listening to customer feedback and providing three different ways in which you can bring about results: text, audio recording files, and individual systems.

2. Accessibility: In my opinion, this has to have been one of the easiest programs to both use and buy. Due to its online purchase and download, you do not need to wait for it to come in the mail, and you can begin using it instantly. All the features are in a step-by-step process that goes from an introduction to deeper into the content, and you are eased in. The mobile apps are another plus, so you do not have to be stationary and at home to reap the benefits of the soundwaves.

3. Credibility: If you doubt the effectiveness of the program, no need to look further than the customer reviews posted on the official website. The sales page has 100% authentic reviews from real buyers, and almost none of them are negative (yes, there are a few, this is inevitable). Still not convinced? You may want to give it a try for two months. I sincerely believe you'll be satisfied if you do what you know you have to do, but in case you are not, you can return it for a full refund within 60 days.

Energy Orbiting

CONCLUSION: Not a scam!

I went into Manifestation Magic a skeptic, fully aware of the scams and fakes that proliferate online.

However, from the order checkout to the end of the last module, this was different. Genuinely.

It was super easy to go through the steps, and I shortly began to notice how I was unlocking my brain’s potential.

There even came a point where I barely noticed the negative thoughts of everyday life. You're less vulnerable to them, so to say.

Alexander Wilson has found his personal way to success, and is graciously sharing it to us in an elegant program filled with bonuses and benefits.

If I were you, and want to pull yourself out of some bad (or improvable) situation you have found yourself in, I would definitely give it a try.

It is completely reliable, and there's a chance these ideas may change your life.

- END OF MY Manifestation Magic REVIEW :)

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