Apply the Law of Attraction to get THAT man

Flowers from a man

If you really want him, you need to treat this goal like a fruit. Plant the seed, nurture and water it... then harvest.

This applies to your mindset! Most of these tips come from experienced people whose know-how can be helpful in many aspects of your life.

These are the basic steps to get the man you want.

1. Deserve that new partner.

2. Feel, visualize, broadcast your intentions.

3. Maintain your focus and positivity throughout the process.

These seem easy but are really not.

Take THIS QUIZ to find out what your ideal man would be like.

First of all, before being entitled - or deserving - to attract a new, amazing person into your life, you need to be able to appreciate the people that you already count with. This is a basic principle to LoA. You'll probably never attract stuff that you don't have the ability to appreciate, NOW. Future happiness is an illusion!

So, open yourself to the present: Gratitude attracts positive people coming into your life. Get rid of negative and empty emotions, like disgust for certain people. In other words, let go of hate and love will unexpectedly show.

Appreciate your time of rest. Not having the partner you crave can generate stress. However, you must be aware of the signs you are sending out to the universe, because the latter will respond by bringing more of what you're "broadcasting". So, seek to have peace of mind. Embrace being single before welcoming the right man.

I don't mean you shouldn't ACTIVELY seek a new man in your life, but please be careful not to complain, worry unnecessarily, or feel stress due to your situation. These emotions only prevent your ideal guy from showing up / manifesting as fast as it could.

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Law of Attraction to get the man you want

Watch your mouth: Give up on expressing events or situations in a negative way. Exclude words like "hate" or "stupid"... your words have immense power! Align your current of thoughts and words toward positive attraction and see how soon things change according to your perception. Instead of saying, "I will never find the right husband," say something like "I'm happy with my current self, but I'd love to meet THAT boyfriend I want" or "things always change for good". Again, changing your perspective, changes your perception and eventually switches your reality.

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Many times our own anxiety to make things happen does not allow us to get to the end result... no matter what it is. Display what you want (broadcast to the universe) and fix your attention on a rigid goal. Feel gratitude, happiness and inspiration about the fact that reality has brought to you what you wanted. This is the road to get the man you want.

Once it happens, sometimes you'll wonder what's the reason or purpose why these people entered your life. Although you'll probably not going to come up with an answer to that, I know a piece of truth I wanted to share with you.

You won't have a better opportunity to choose who you really are as when you are in a relationship. It is so true that we face a relative world... and that means that while we are experiencing this physical manifestation, we are defined in relation to something or someone else.

You could indeed find a perfect "other half" within the many relations you will or have had. It's nonetheless very unlikely. But before you can explain why, you need more clarity of thought. I found this concept in a book which has been very important for me. When I first read it, it resonated very strongly in my whole being.

As you already know, "vibration broadcasting" is a very well known and powerful tool in the practice of the Law of Attraction. However, if you've done a course or two on this, you can tell the secret ingredient to make it work is your emotional side... very much outside your five senses.

Love pill

What you feel and visualize is a declaration to what should manifest in your reality. So before trying any LoA tricks, ground yourself up with positive emotional state. If you wish to attract more love, then feel the love that you already have in your body.

It's an absolute truth that the more detailed your visualizations, the best results you will have. Think of being at a restaurant, if your desires aren't clear, your waiter will not know what to ask the chef. You could receive something you really didn't want.

That's why WRITING can add transparency and precision to what you can expect to come to your reality. It is often easier to describe your intentions through words written than by the use of images.

What qualities do you look for in your desired partner? Fun, adventure-loving, intelligent? Now, what aspects you wish to experience in your new relationship? More tenderness, love, compassion and empathy? Be extremely clear! Do you see how you are NOT crafting a very precise wish by doing this? It's not enough to think - write it!

I would recommend you write them all with your own bare hands on a diary. There is a special connection between you and your "paper and pencil" writing... more so than using a computer. I don't exactly know why, but I know it works. To be continued...

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