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Language of Lust: Review

Considering purchasing LoL? Let's put together everything you need to know about it.

The Language of Lust empowers you with the know-how to domesticate the subconscious, sexual side of females. Only works at night though! Just kidding.

I had early access to this cool 'language' so I decided to sit down and write the most complete and helpful review I could possibly put together, to help you decide if you want it or not, and save you some time in the process.

I played with this thing a bit for a few nights out, so you are getting some real personal experience from here.

The thing is, nowadays you COULD have a steady stream of sex if you really wanted to... and you know that. So this is about slapping feminism and making women drop their shields (or the famous line as it's usually called).

This is hacked by LoL. Ladies are afraid as hell of any possible future hit to their social reputation! Too of the possibility of any emotional suffering... and from being seen as a slut by you, her friends or anyone else... oh, and of course they are also afraid of you being a 'creep'. Tired of being treated unfairly?

Most of you are good people for sure.

So I will be researching everything about this product and adding it here: Key information, reviews and feedback, comments, experiences, opinions... from those who have tried it already.

And of course, I'm giving away a physical gift for free. You'll see below.

By the way, don't be turned off by the salesmanship of their presentation video... that's just the marketing side of it, it is what they have to do to get noticed in the industry. Believe me, the system behind is genuinely well crafted.

If you happen to decide to buy The Language of Lust and think I have been helpful, please do it via my magic coupon (so they can know I sent you) and you'll get a little, USEFUL gift. News: It's out! The gift is a FREE CONDOM and no one else is giving away anything real as added bonus; you can only win by doing it through here.
|2| Then come and let me know your Receipt number. Your little bonus should be with you in about a week.
|3| And don't worry, be happy. If you later end up requesting a refund for some reason, no need to return it.

Language of Lust pic review

3 reasons why talking filthy works, in my opinion:
-They don't expect it at all. Few men know by nature how to talk to a female properly.
-It shows true self-confidence. Even if you don't really have it at first.
-It actually makes her feel... special. Which is what lots of women desire the most in their lives.

Some key questions:

Is there a discount anywhere? Impossible, there is only one fixed price! If you see a discount being promoted anywhere, they are lying... try yourself.

Where to buy? Only available from Clickbank. Get it trough my special coupon (above!) and I will send you the cool and useful physical gift I promised.

Can it be delivered in physical format? Not for now... the whole platform is online so it wouldn't make sense. This is an entire virtual community.

Is there immediate access after paying? Yes sir, and you don't need to download (let alone install) anything. Just use your password to log-in from anywhere, any time you want, with your phone, pc or tablet. Very flexible!

Price? 47 measly bucks.


It consists of a virtual, members-only environment with TONS of contents organized in 40+ modules to make it fast and furious to learn to thrive in front of those women you like.

The inside is clean and orderly and well put together in general. These materials come in video, audio and text, but are also listenable in MP3 alone if you don't like reading too much or need it on the go. You can also download it all, if you need off-line access.

Overview of the sweetest stuff included:

1. Unlocking The Threesome Code.
Self-explanatory ;)

2. Personal P*rn-Star Activation.
You may have wonderful mornings with this one.

3. The Nice Guy's Guide to Texting Dirty.
Brutal collection of over 200 done-for-you texts that will keep them wet... proven and tested, and at the level of a good romance novel. Really valuable...

4. Kink Exposure Hack
5. The Just Coffee Mind Lay
6. Pavlov's Panty Drencher Technique
7. The Erotic Script
8. Discovering the powers of Pleasure Resistance
9. Lust Mirror Technique
10. The Dirty From A Distance method
11. The Sexual Singularity
12. Emotional Revenge Method

And more!


Digital Romance has been in business for a bunch of years now and they have developed several awesome products where almost no one asked for a refund after the purchase (you can know that thanks to CB's Gravity count). So, I find that a strong indication that people do end up "feeling" it was worth it.

These are the two main guys behind LoL:

Michael Fiore aka Chris Haddad is awesome! He's one of the best writers on making intense, lusty connections between men and women. Very successful and smart individual. He was invited to TV a few years back.

Lawrence Lanoff aka the Darth Vader of Dirty Talk is into many many things, check him out here as a director and writer, and here as a spiritual / relationship / sex coach. Very charismatic with ladies.

Picture of Lawrence Lanoff   Image of Lawrence Lanoff with a girl

So! You receive the wisdom and experience with the female mind that these two men have acquired over many years of tough trial and error. I think there is real value to that... and once you know it, you know it for the rest of your life!


To be honest, I could not find any other course or program out there that takes the same approach, let alone one that's so professionally made. This is very, very different to the pick-up artist stuff (screw them!) that I've seen on Youtube.

It's a whole new approach in fact: higher percentage of success, while being more respectful to girls. And surely it counts with more practice than theory.

For a product that teaches and encourages you to get out there in front of the women you like, and express yourself right... there hasn't been any before. Period.

You may also wonder if you couldn't have the same information for free on the internet... or even download it in pdf. Well, I've done plenty of searching and It simply isn't there. Every result that promised just that turned out to be a fake link.

If you can find it, so do the Copyright holders... nowadays this stuff is taken down very quickly.

Language of Lust full package shot


Yes. If you later change your mind, you can always request a full refund within 60 days. You can check that out in their order form if you want.

No questions asked or anything like that, you'll get all your money back if it doesn't work for you, plain and simple.

This thing is as far from a scam as it can be. Both Digital Romance and CB risk their reputation here, to make you happy.


Hopefully you now have an answer to questions like these:
What is it exactly? Should I buy it? Is it worth it? Does it really work? Who's behind it? How am I covered? ...

The thing is this: Will The Language of Lust increase the chances of you sleeping with a woman next time you go out?

If you dedicate yourself to learning this stuff, and have the balls to get out of your comfort zone, I sincerely think it will.

Remember that I'll send you a free preservative as a gift if you end up purchasing it... just make sure my magic link (way above) is the last one you use to access their site before buying. Otherwise they couldn't know I sent you.

Good luck mate, and thank you for reading.

Added a Fb Comments plugin for you guys. If you try LoL, please come back and leave a quick review:

Extra! Crazy phrases I came across while reviewing LoL:

“...if you haven't looked down and admired two girls French-kissing around your c#*k, you haven't lived.” -Lawrence Lanoff

“This is the easiest time in human history for a regular average guy to get laid, so why aren't you?”

“I have created an Owner's Manual for a woman's most important erogenous zone... her mind, her imagination”

“I want to line 5 guys up and let them taste you one by one.”

“I want you to take me now.”

P.S. I'll leave you with a genuine personal tip: Talk to one girl. Just one somehow! Even if you have to take advantage of the rush of confidence that you get listening to a cool song... and then go and enjoy how much easier it gets talking to a second one. You can't go wrong and not get laid, if you do it right... Any third girl you talk to, you will be so much more fresh and calm than you would have been at the beginning of the night.

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