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Language of Desire Review

Thinking about buying it? Here's EVERYTHING you need to know.

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You're probably here looking for independent and neutral opinions of LoD (Language of Desire), so you can decide if you want it or not. The purpose of this will be to save you time.

Hopefully this will be the last review you'll need to read, as I'll be turning it into the most complete and definitive overview of LoD:

Must-know info, all reviews and feedback, an inside look into the members area, people's opinions and experiences...

Please remember this is unbiased. I'm not related to any company, I just make helpful reviews.

As you probably suffered already, the Internet is saturated with fake, useless reviews... it becomes very difficult to find true human experiences!

After this, you'll know if you want it or not.

1. What is it exactly?

The Language of Desire is a digital interactive book that teaches how to make a man obsessed with you by using certain words, expressions and mechanisms at the right moments.

So it's basically an enjoyable, easy-to-read piece about an exotic, primal side to the erotic minds of men, which involves both love & sexuality. It's about turning him into your monogamy addict.

By the way, don't be turned off by the hype in their presentation video, that's just what they have to do to get noticed in the industry.

The essence of why it works is that men LOVE to hear this "dirty" talk, but very few women are naturally good at it (or specially feel good about doing it).

For him, you'll probably be the first one to do it right. Some of the stuff you'll learn will remain in your toolbox forever after... and that might come in very handy.

Some short examples:
- “You smell DELICIOUS
- “You look BIGGER
- “You make me FEEL SAFE
- “You are HUGE
- “Have me LINED UP
- “Take me NOW

language of desire full package picture

But you know all of that already 'cause you've been to their video, so let's cut to the chase!


-Creators: Felicity Keith & Michael Fiore from Digital Romance.

-Exact price: $47. No hidden or future charges whatsoever.

-Discounts: None. There is only one fixed price! Below you'll see why.

-Physical delivery: Not possible. Virtually delivered.

-Launched: Late 2014.

-Official website: Language Of Desire.com

-Format: Online platform. Use your private info to log-in from anywhere, at any time... using your phone, pc or tablet (very flexible!). No downloads are necessary.

-Privacy: Checked. Nobody has to know you bought this. It's meant that way. It won't show as such in any report or statement, and nothing needs to be shipped.

-Availability: From Clickbank exclusively. Not from Amazon, not from anywhere else. They own full rights.

-Support / Customer service: No problem, they are quick and humane. Couldn't find any complaints.

2. What's inside?

LoD has a beautiful members area that's full of contents organized into different phases and modules.

lodesire login

Each module has a rating system and its own "Comments" section, so you're actually in touch with other users.

Generally well put together and built. It's nice visually and there's good organization... you can see it's meant to be consumed with ease.

desire menu

Each part is downloadable in PDF format in case you want to read it offline (from your pc, mobile, tablet...) or as MP3 audio tracks if you'd rather listen to it.

lod inside module

Now, I won't go into detail here because you've probably seen this already... but I find these to be the most juicy and interesting parts of LoD (seriously, look at those names):

1. Monogamous-Man Maximizer
2. Erotic Telepathy Technique
3. Invisible Chastity Belt
4. The Madonna Moan
5. The Erotic Action Movie Hack
6. The Tease Intensifier
7. The Cuddle Hormone
8. Sexual Singularity
9. The P*rn Destroyer
10. Seed of Desire
11. Super Oral Intensifier
12. The No-Touch Lay
13. The Lust Mirror Technique
14. The Romance Rotator
15. Pavlov's Erection Technique
16. Friend-to-Fantasy Method

Plus 3 bonuses that are extra to the main eBook:

1. Silent Seduction: Own him without saying a word. Everything else is pretty much allowed.

2. Unstoppable Confidence: Learn from two experts how to (brutally) use being a female to your advantage.

3. The Good Girl's Guide to Texting Dirty: Once-a-private collection of 200+ proven, tested, done-for-you texts to use on your man.

One last thing: If you are on your mobile, which you probably are, here you have a much more mobile-friendly version of LoD's site. No boring video in there!

3. Where is it free or at least discounted?

I'm sorry to say but all discounts you've seen are fake. LoD can't be bought cheaper.

It's exclusively sold at one universal, fixed price: $47.

Now, can you download it for free? In PDF or something?
Again, I did search hard but it's just not there.

That would be piracy and nowadays programs like these are very difficult to reupload... they are dynamic platforms, not just a bunch of files.

Even if something like The Language of Desire was cracked and put online, it would probably be taken down within hours. If you can find it, so can the copyright holders.

You wouldn't have the support anyway, or the interaction with other users.

lod main product

4. Who's created it? Are they credible?

Felicity Keith in collaboration with Michael Fiore from the good old Digital Romance.

felicity keith picture image lodesire

Felicity is an average woman, a mother in fact, who's simply really good at teaching her experiences and peculiar methods with men. This is her facebook page.

Michael Fiore is a very cool relationship/sex coach and he's been so for a bunch of years.

He's the head of DRI so he's crazy fluent in the subject. He used his place in the industry to help develop and market LoD. Check him out on TV a few years back.

Digital Romance Inc is the publishing house behind the product. These guys have launched other successful stuff in the past... like the famous Text Your Ex Back, or Capture His Heart... these are the guys who put their credibility on the table!

They are well established and they publish good stuff for both men and women. You can take a look at their articles or their Pinterest if you want.

digital romance inc logo picture

5. Is it unique? Alternatives?

There have always been good romance novels, or even dirty-talk books and other online stuff, to basically show you how to improve your chances of making a man yours and only yours.

Having said that, I really couldn't find anything as well put together and presented (and to the point) as LoD... and I don't say that just because I'm reviewing it! But because you don't have to go trough 400 pages of paragraphs to master the attraction of the man you desire.

Please go ahead and prove me wrong (contact me below) if you know of another book or system that's more useful and pleasing to read than LoD, which will enlighten you on how to get men to crave for you (even more than usual).

So, do you really need to pay for this? Couldn't you find the same info for free on the Internet?

You can always do that, everything is out there online, but making the learning process quick and pleasing (and forcing yourself to learn something because you've paid for it) is the reason why we're here.

There is value to the fact that this woman has worked to concentrate her experiences both in real life and searching trough mountains of creepiness in the Internet. LoD is based on her lifetime of practice and accumulated wisdom around the masculine mind in the real world... and you can absorb that.

6. Money back 100% guaranteed?

This is what you want to know: If you end up not being satisfied with it, for whatever reason... will you get back what you paid? That simple really? No tricks?

That's exactly how it is. You'll have 100% of your payment back if you do request it. No questions asked, no weird stuff.

This is a picture of the order form, look what I marked in red.

language desire money back guarantee in order form

If you click on that "return policy" link, you'll get to the full statement of their refund guarantee. Check it out here if you wish.

A bit more about Clickbank: They are the platform and payment processing system chosen by Digital Romance. They've been doing this since the '90s and have paid out billions in the process, you can check out their wikipedia page if you'd like to know more about them.

Good credentials right? This thing is as far from a scam as it can be. Both DRI and CB risk their reputation here, to make you happy.

7. Conclusion

So let's put it all together.

Now you know exactly what it is, what's in it and in what format, how much does it cost precisely, how safe and private the purchase is, who's backing it up with their credibility, whether it's unique and worth paying for or not... and so on.

Is it magic, like it's sometimes presented as such in the video? No.

Will it do a good job of improving the chances you domesticate and capture your man's attraction? Yes.

So, if you do decide to buy it in the end, and feel I've been helpful, I'd really appreciate it if you use my own coupon to access their site right before you buy it (so they can know I sent you).

make sure below order form

That's the bottom part of the order form you'll need to fill out in order to buy LoD (which you'll access by hitting the big colorful button on their site).

Just make sure it says [ affiliate = fgem7 ] instead of whatever other name.

If it doesn't, click again on my coupon link (a little higher up) and go from there.

That way I get credit for it instead of anybody who fooled you into clicking, looking to get a quick buck by making a bunch of dishonest, unhelpful, totally-biased reviews.

Considering that a full refund is guaranteed for people who might change their mind later, the fact that The Language of Desire is still so popular means that women do find value after having bought and tried it.

...and that's all I know!

Thanks so much for reading.

8. Extra: Feedback & people's opinions

This is a complete, updated list of all other reviews and independent feedback for The Language of Desire that I've been able to find.

I put this together so you don't have to waste your time looking around in social networks or search engines.

Many of these are biased and not very credible, which is why I made this whole article in the first place. Some others, nonetheless, may provide some insights that I didn't fully cover in here.

Most women won't openly talk about having bought LoD, let alone mention it in social networks. That's probably the reason behind the scarcity of genuine feedback.

Note: I don't recommend you click in most of the links inside these. Most will be commercial links pointing to the official page in an attempt to make a commission out of you.

1. A few honest opinions in between the answers (Yahoo Answers)

2. Spoken video-review with inside look into the program; some positive comments below (Watch in Youtube)

3. Another long review, a bit more visually pleasing, full of basic info (Go to Blogathon)

4. HaveYouSeenHim's Blog Review (Go to HaveYouSeenHim)

5. Another blog talking about it (Go to TheStallionStyle)

6. Poor audio, but they mention some good stuff on the subject (Watch in Youtube)

7. Lastly, and a bit off-topic, another video from Felicity Keith: Ways to Get More Comfortable in Your Skin (DIGITAL ROMANCE TV - Youtube video)

Despite the shortage of sincere feedback, please don't be shy and leave your own after you try it. It would be very helpful to those still considering it.

The Language of Desire
Reviewed by S. Magno in
Dating program by Felicity Keith.
Tricks & phrases to turn any love story into a romance novel.
Rated 5 stars out of 5.

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