Infatuation Scripts reviews

Have you ever been rejected? Well not necessarily in love, but life in general.

Rejection comes in many forms.

It may be when you're applying for your dream job or feeling left out among your group of friends. But whether we like it or not, rejections are part of our lives.

It is inevitable. Wouldn't it be nice to not be rejected at all? To feel like you're always a priority and accepted?

However, those are somewhat impossible but it can be prevented. This is where Infatuation Scripts claims to do.

These are a collection of scripts that makes men think that you're the only one for them.

As a result, you'll never have to face rejection ever again. Scripts? How will I know if they are effective? Well, that's what I'm here for.

In this Infatuation Scripts Review, we will run down all the details that you'll need before buying the program. If you're ready, then let's get right onto it.

What are Infatuation Scripts?

Infatuation Scripts is an e-book intended to help women better understand how to keep relationships going. With the use of the scripts, it allows women to learn how the minds of men work. Moreover, it includes proven methods on how to manifest your dream relationship to life.

Although we can't really avoid rejections, Infatuation Scripts claims to turn on a man's infatuation instinct. This infatuation instinct acts like a switch that makes him more interested in you. It is the drive that allows him to see you as the one.

The Infatuation Instinct works by altering a man's brain chemistry. It creates a "halo effect" that makes him think of you on a daily. It makes him feel sure that he won't be with someone else other than you.

infatuation scripts package

Who is the author of the Program?

Now you might be curious as to what drove the author to create this kind of program right? There are two people behind Infatuation Scripts. Both Emma and Clayton Max made Infatuation Scripts come to life.

It started when Emma got brokenhearted by the person whom she thought was the one. Their relationship was almost-perfect that she thought everything was going well. But it was not. One day, her now ex-boyfriend suddenly told her that something was missing.

To which Emma thought, "Am I not enough?" Emma decided to look for the possible reasons why their relationship didn't work. She sought the helped of different love advisers until she met Clayton Max.

For over 11 years already, he is a professional love and relationship coach. Since Clayton was able to help Emma, she thought of making these scripts available for a wider audience.

Thus, she worked with Clayton on compiling all the scripts for other women to make use of. Infatuation Scripts was born.

What's Inside Infatuation Scripts?

How To Activate Infatuation Instinct?

For the first part, Clayton Max has created the following techniques to lure a man:
  • Curiosity script - As what the name implies, it is a script that makes men curious about you. You should let him guess as to what are your likes and dislikes. You have to challenge him to break down those walls if he wants to be with you. Let him play the guessing game.
  • Investment script - Like in business in order for it to succeed, you must make time for it. Now, this is where you have to let him make efforts for the relationship to work. He needs to invest his time in getting to know you more.
  • Uncertainty script - Contrary to what most people think, not all men like to be in control. When they feel like a woman is independent enough to decide on her own, it makes him excited.
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The Scripts

Infatuation Scripts also comes with video and audio files aside from the e-book. So, without further ado, let's talk about the main scripts that go with it.

Independence Scripts

You shouldn't be won over easily as it makes a man lose his interest. The thrill is what challenges a man to pursue you even more. When you are independent, it makes a man curious and gets him interested.

Intrigue Scripts

The more curious he gets, the more he can't stop thinking about you. This is what the script teaches you, to get him to be intrigued about you. Let him play the guessing game.

Cliffhanger scripts

Again, cliffhangers make you want more, right? This technique uses that same idea to leave him hanging. Well, not really but you just have to make him feel the need to see you again.

Barrier Scripts

You don't necessarily need to pursue a push-pull relationship. You just need to build a barrier to totally giving yourself to him. As long as you know the line between letting him know how you feel and not fully committing to him.

Curveball Scripts

If you're familiar with the term curve ball then I'm sure you'll have an idea of what is it about. Let him think he has you all figured out but actually, he has a lot more to find out. Keep that mysterious aura and it will definitely intensify his curiosity about you.

Shaping Scripts

This phase is all about making him invest his feelings for you. The more infatuated he becomes, the more effort he will put just to win you over.

Temptation Scripts

Making him want to pursue you is the goal. But as he goes along the way, you need to get him through challenges. This is to measure how far he can go on pursuing you.

“Interested-but-not-sold” Scripts

Yes, he does have a chance and you like him. But, it shouldn't work that easy. He needs to make efforts to win you over. This script sends him over the edge into fully developing his feelings.

Urgency Scripts

The last script makes him think that time is running out. He needs to make a move or else he might lose you forever.

Infatuation Scripts package contents


Aside from all of those infatuation scripts, you'll get access to the following bonuses:

The Commitment Calculator - Although it is called a calculator, it is actually audio that you can listen to by Carlos Cavallo.

It is where he talks about the myth of commitment-phobia and why men want a committed relationship.

Moreover, he'll also talk about the 7 signals that trigger caution in a man.  Make Any Man Yours For Life - This is a book written by  Amy North.

It contains techniques to make a man stay loyal to you. Here, Amy will share everything you need to know about cheating and how to prevent it.

Why Men Shut Women Out - This book is written by a relationship coach and a best-selling author named Slade Shaw.

It is the result of the survey he conducted on 700 men. Slade then compiled the answers and revealed the possible reasons why men shut women out.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Infatuation Scripts is only available at their official website,

So be sure to check them out to avoid scams. As for the price, it has a total value of $488.85 together with the bonuses. However, as part of their limited time offer, you only need to pay $49.95.

 Moreover, you can also get a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days upon purchase. So, if in case, there's a change of mind, you can contact their support and get your refund.

pros and cons of the product


Before we fully reveal our final verdict, let us first look at its pros and cons.


  • Infatuation Scripts allows you to better understand how to make a relationship work.
  • It will help you get a better knowledge of how the male minds work.
  • It is created by an expert in dating and relationships.
  • Backed up with proven reviews and testimonials from real users.
  • Easy to understand and apply.
  • It retails at an affordable price.
  • It promotes empowering women to just be themselves.
  • Infatuation Scripts also promotes healthy and long-lasting relationships.


  • Infatuation Scripts are only available in digital formats.
  • It can only be purchased at their official website.
  • Results are not guaranteed to be seen immediately.
  • It may or may not work for some.

final verdict

Final Verdict

We need to realize that infatuation is just about liking one's appearance and is most likely will not last. And there's nothing wrong with that because honestly, most people nowadays are so into making themselves look better.

I think people can change whatever they like as long as it makes them happy. However, love is not just about that. It is also about acceptance and loving each other for better and worse. This is what Infatuation Scripts tells you. You shouldn't have to completely change yourself to make men like you.

What you need to do is to understand how their brains work and use it to your advantage. But then again, Infatuation Scripts only serve as your guide. Yes, there's no harm in trying and following it as long you will not fully rely on it. Meaning, you shouldn't see it as a permanent solution.

Keep in mind that these are just some techniques intended to help you handle relationships better. Therefore, it is not guaranteed to work immediately. It would take time for you to notice some results so you need to manage your expectations.



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