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In modern society, gone are the days where a man should always make the first move. Most women nowadays have become independent and are working on breaking the stigma of gender roles. Women of today don’t just sit there waiting for a guy to magically appear. They will make the first move.

Of course in doing so, it takes a lot of guts, right? I mean, women also sometimes face rejections. And what better way to prevent that is to understand how the minds of men work.

Hence, different articles and books that talk about what goes inside the minds of men. One of which is this book that I recently discovered entitled, His Secret Obsession. The book has been gaining the attention of people online which I assume, just like you right?

But, is it really worth buying?

For today’s review, I will try to give you my honest opinion on whether this book will work for you. I will go through on what’s inside the book and its pros and cons to help you decide whether to buy this book or not.

What is His Secret Obsession?

His Secret Obsession was written by James Bauer. It is a dating and relationship guide book specially made for women. As what the title says, it includes tips and technique in order to make you a man’s secret obsession in a good way. Of course, too much is not always good.

Now you might be asking, what’s makes this book different from the others?

His Secret Obsession was actually based on evolutionary psychology. Meaning, James took his time in using his knowledge of psychology to guide couples in every phase of the relationship. From the initial attraction phase, dating, and even after marriage, all are compiled inside this book.

His secret obsession review

Moreover, the book is available in PDF and audiobook version that is both easily downloadable. So you can access it anytime and anywhere even without an internet connection. His Secret Obsession claims to help women further understand how the minds of men work.

Furthermore, the book talks about three main issues about relationships. It reveals the possible reasons for the following issues:

  1. Why men don’t like long-term commitments even if they’re happy with the relationship.
  2. Why men easily lose interest after initial attraction has worn off.
  3. The reason why men want to be with even if they are afraid to commit.

Those are just some of the topics that will be covered. Basically, James Bauer discovered this drive that controls almost everything that he does, unconsciously. This drive is called, the “Hero Instinct.”

What’s Inside The Book?

The Hero Instinct

James believes that a man’s hero instinct is the biggest secret to make a man want you. He stated that it doesn’t matter how much a man loves you. If you weren’t able to find out this hero instinct then, he’ll feel like something is always missing.

However, he claims that the moment you find out about his hero instinct, you’ll be sure that his heart is only yours. This is because the hero instinct in men is a biological drive. To unlock this, you need to make a man feel that he is important and needed.

Men have a tendency to be dominant and be in control. Technically, you don’t really need to let them. In triggering a man’s hero instinct, you just have to let them take care of you. Making them feel like they’re someone reliable can instantly trigger their hero instinct.

The 12-word Secret Signal

In the second part of the book, you’ll be given phrases and techniques that you can use to activate a man’s hero instinct. As what the title implies, you’ll get to discover twelve words to get a man’s attention that would trigger his attraction towards you.

I would also like to point out that His Secret Obsession doesn’t work by manipulating men, okay? It isn’t like that. The book actually includes step-by-step strategies that you can apply with no mind games, pretensions, and whatnot.

Of course, I wouldn’t give away those exact words as it would be very unfair for the author. If you’re curious to know about those 12 words signal, then better secure a copy yourself. No pressure! What I can do is only give you just a glimpse of what you can expect.

Would that be okay? Well, you have no choice. Just kidding.

couple on a date

The Secret Signals

  • The Glimpse Phrase – As I have mentioned, the book doesn’t teach you to manipulate and pretend, instead it encourages you to show the “REAL” you. Because by doing so, you are leaving him to yearn for more.
  • The Fascination Signal – This includes phrases that can get a man deeply attracted to you. Up to the point where he starts getting addicted to you which makes this signal so powerful.
  • Silent Action Signals – These signals are literally silent because you don’t have to say anything. However, through his tunnel vision, he’d still see you as his love at first sight.
  • “IOU” Signal – This is said to be a signal that secretly turns on a man. It allows him to see you as the only he can trust and open up to.
  • Damsel In Distress Signal – If you’re tired of always getting his attention, then this one is for you. This signal turns him to “protect and serve” mode. So he would be the one to make efforts just for you to notice him.
  • The Private Island Signal – Getting him to notice you and attract him is one thing but making him stay is another thing. Meaning, you need to show him this alluring quality to make him commit and see you as the one.
  • The Ex-Back Signal – These are twelve words that you can use in text messages or through phone calls. This signal taps his hero instinct to ensure that he would never betray and leave you.

Who Is James Bauer?

James Bauer is a well-known relationship and dating coach. Apart from that, he also is a psychologist and an author of the best-selling courses. The courses are titled, “What Men Secretly Wants” and the one we are reviewing today, “His Secret Obsession.”

Both are dedicated to helping women all over the world, improve and strengthen their relationships and marriages. With years of experience in the field of psychology and of being a relationship coach, he was able to share his knowledge with many.

His discoveries paved the way in encouraging women that inner beauty is the key to get a man to like you. He believes that being irresistible is what makes a woman truly attractive. You don’t have to pretend someone you’re not.

Thus, he created His Secret Obsession to make women realize how being true to yourself is an important part of a relationship.

How Much Does It Cost?

Since James wanted to reach a wider audience as possible, he decided to have this limited time offer for his course. You can secure your copy of His Secret Obsession at a lesser price of $47. This is a one-time payment only with no shipping fees.

You can go and drop by at their official website, beirresistible.com to get your copy. Make sure to only purchase at the website to prevent scams. Since this is a digital product, you can get instant access to the book the moment you checkout.

Furthermore, you are also eligible for the 60-day money-back guarantee in case you didn’t see your desired results. You can go on and test the program and refund your money 100% in case it didn’t work for you.

pros and cons

PROS and CONS of His Secret Obsession


  • The book includes new techniques and strategies for women to try.
  • It is presented in a step-by-step format for it to become easily understandable.
  • The concepts and ideas in the book have scientific claims and based on psychology.
  • It is written by a dating and relationship expert.
  • It is jam-packed with information of over 200 pages together with bonuses and a workbook.
  • James Bauer made sure that his advice is relatable and practical.
  • His Secret Obsession encourages women to just be themselves.
  • Can be easily downloaded.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.


  • There are no physical copies. If you’re the type to prefer paperbacks then this is not for you.
  • His Secret Obsession eBook is sold only at their website.
  • It doesn’t guarantee immediate results.
  • It might not work for everybody.
  • The book was presented in a way that he generalizes that all men think or act like what he describes them to be.
  • The book has the tendency also to be in favor of men being superior.
  • The price might be a little high for a 200-page ebook.

Who is His Secret Obsession For?

His Secret Obsession is for women who are:

  • Looking for tips and tricks to make a man commit.
  • Finding ways on how to rekindle a fading relationship.
  • Wanting to make their relationship or marriages lasts and become more stable.
  • Trying to learn how to communicate and understand men they are romantically involved with better.

Is It A Scam?

James Bauer has been in the dating and relationship industry for over a decade. I think that his experience alone is enough proof to show how he understands what men and women feel. His Secret Obsession is simply a digital book to improve and ensure long-lasting relationships.

With regard to effectiveness and results, I bet you’ve already read reviews prior to this one, right? Like most of them, I can also assure you that this program is not a scam.

You can see more of the reviews and feedback from real users of the program on their official website.

final verdict for his secret obsession

Final Thoughts

Did I miss anything? Well, I hope I did not. I hope I was able to feed you with enough information regarding His Secret Obsession and that you find this review helpful.

First off, His Secret Obsession is a great book to use as a guide in handling relationships. What I like most about this one is that it talks subtly about empowering women. The book made me realize that the key to finding “the one” is to become the one.

It may sound cliche but that’s the reality. You have to accept your imperfections and you don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not is my major takeaway from this program.

Of course, these techniques inside His Secret Obsession may or may not work for everyone. Putting in the work is one way to get your desired results. This book doesn’t work in a blink of an eye.

So if you’re someone who is dedicated and willing to absorb James’ advice and teachings, then I don’t see anything wrong in trying this one out.

Your choices can make or break you.



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