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A physical bonus for LoL buyers

coloured condoms

As I said, if you end up getting The Language of Lust trough my magic link (here), you can claim a free gift if you want to, which is for now a free preservative.

If you'd like to get some other similar thing, get in touch and make a suggestion.

If you are going to buy LoL, let me tell you that you have nothing to lose for doing it trough mine and getting the gift. Nobody else is actually giving away anything real -for free- as an added bonus.

Every single discount or outside bonus I've seen out there ends up being fake or valueless. The price is what it is.

Now, if you are here because you already bought it and wish to claim your gift and have it sent to you, go ahead and let me know your Receipt number.

You can do that in 3 ways:

Your Email Address:

Your Receipt number ID:

After doing that, it should be with you in about a week. I'll keep you informed by email.

Please note: This bonus or gift is not related to Clickbank or Digital Romance Inc in any way, it's completely my own thing.

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