Update 2: This is now included in the package PROFIGENICS PRO by Tradeology!

The professional trader Russ Horn has recently been working on his new Forex trading system called Forex Master Method, which has received tons of views and interest recently. Personally, I have emailed several questions to him about the candlestick and indicator pattern recognition software that he talks about on his website, and he has given me very clear and detailed explanation about what it does and how to use it.

Russ explains that his members will be able to receive his entire Forex trading pack in physical form with training materials such as video DVDs, trading manuals, cheat sheets and unlimited access to the online webinars. These webinars are held periodically in the members' only area and from time to time they also give you new bonus content.

Also, having previewed some of the cheat sheets from his course, I would say that they are quite advanced and should only be used immediately if the trader already have significant experience trading in the Forex market. Otherwise, it would be advisable to learn from the start and progress along with the suggested timeframe of the Forex Master Method course.

So, is he a scam? Most likely not, this is why: I've seen tons of positive comments in one of his pages, he obviously knows what he's talking about, he's produced a bunch of proven results in the past, and this is not his first system. If the previous one was crap, he wouldn't be allowed in the platform (Clickbank) and the Internet would be timing with negative reviews. I gave it a try because you'll never achieve anything if you don't take a little risk.

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In fact, this is not the first Forex trading system that Russ has created. His previous trading method called Forex Rebellion was also another highly successful trading system back then. As the market conditions in the currency market has started to become more volatile, Russ has decided to refine his strategies as well as develop more powerful indicators and software to aid in the trading process. It couldn't be a scam.

Russ Horn Station

Examples & Bonus

As a member of Forex Rebellion, I have received continuous video and news updates from Russ Horn throughout my membership period and would be expecting much of the same in this new system. I also appreciate the fact that Russ is a very active Forex trader and trainer that I can communicate with on a very personal level. Some of the trading techniques that he previewed reveal how he analyses the daily and weekly chart patterns of specific currency pairs and when to start and when to avoid trading in those markets. However, I would admit that Russ sometimes go through his strategies too quickly in his videos for me and I would have to constantly rewind some of his videos to watch over.

On top of examples from old programs, new ones will be coming out in the next few months as people take this into practice. Hopefully you'll be one of them... from what I have observed, there is a lot of hype and excitement about Russ Horn's Forex Master Method Evolution system at the moment by looking at the reviews and comments in Forex trading forums. Even though there is still quite a lot of skepticism by most people, I am confident that Russ will deliver high-quality materials again and help make it easier for me to profit from trading in the Forex market. Scams are still common in this industry, don't expect to find a discount or get an equivalent system for free, it simply isn't there... if this is for you, you probably know it by now.

Is Forex a Scam?

Does it really work? Is it worth it?

An auto forex trading strategy is a system that can analyze the forex currency markets for you. The purpose of an automatic forex system is to watch the market and trade for you, so there is absolutely nothing for you to do. There are lots of real reviews and testimonials for and against automatic trading, there are always several paths to get to the same destination, but the only way to find out what YOUR thing is, is to try stuff like Profigenics out.

These auto trading systems take care of all trading activity including opening and closing trades for you. Once these auto forex systems were only available to large corporations such as banks and hedge funds but are not available to all traders. If you're looking for customer feedback, opinions, comments, experiences... you are a little too early to the party. Russ does seem credible though.

The foreign exchange currency markets are 24-hour markets. Since these international markets are always open, it is necessary for some to use auto trading methods for buy and sell operations. Cutting loses would be very difficult if it all had to be manual... that's why people purchase these things. And results!


There are very few successful traders, and among the best the skills they possess include chart reading and knowing how to read price action. It takes a lot of pressure off of you when you have a system that auto trades 24 hours a day. If you are attracted to this concept, this may be the program you'll remember years from now.

Your own emotions will scam you

The emotions that come into play with both professional traders and newbie traders alike are very dangerous, especially for novices. With an auto traded strategy every aspect of trading is performed automatically for you so that emotions are taken completely out of the equation which is great especially for undisciplined traders.

This is a fact: Most people fail in trading if they have to make decisions in real time. There's a thing called Emotional Trading and these are its symptons:

  • Anger and impulsivity
  • Feeling like taking revenge against "the market"
  • Not wanting to go now and feel like a loser the rest of the day
  • Insecurity

So, you have to outsource decision making to a system that's been PREVIOUSLY set up. While your auto system is at work in the markets building your forex account you can use a smaller separate trading account to learn and develop the skills needed to become a profitable trader. It's nice to have that cushion in place of making consistent profits while you are also trading yourself.

Using an automatic trading system, you do not require and knowledge of the foreign exchange currency markets. The setting is very simple for all. You can learn from reviewing the charts of past trades to learn how to trade yourself while you are auto trading foreign exchange.

Falling Wedge pattern

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23 April 2018


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