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Every woman’s dream is to look good in whatever they wear most especially in bikinis. I mean, wearing whatever you can is great but looking good in those are a different story.

That’s why most people regardless of gender seek the help of home workout videos and meal plans that they found online. I’m not really against those but I think it would be much better to follow a program specifically catered to what you need.

Following those workouts and meal plans are both good and bad. Good because it helps you live a healthier lifestyle. However, those might be bad especially when done incorrectly.

That’s why programs like Bikini Body Workout has been making noise in the world of fitness.

Will it really help me achieve a bikini body in 60 days? Is it effective or a scam?

Well then, let’s go together and learn more about this program. This is an honest review of the Bikini Body Workout by Jen Ferrugia.

What is Bikini Body Workout?

Bikini Body Workout is a program created by Jen Ferrugia, a popular fitness coach and nutrition trainer. As the name implies, it is actually a 12-week workout program for women. Although nowadays, women in all shapes and sizes are encouraged to wear whatever they want. But still, some of us women wanted to get in shape for health reasons as well.

Of course, while there’s nothing wrong with our bodies, it is also important to take care of our health. Exercise and maintaining a proper diet is always good. This is the main goal of Bikini Body Workout, not only it encourages women to exercise, but it also includes meal plans to maintain a healthy and strong body.

This is what sets the Bikini Body System apart from other fitness programs. Unlike the other programs, Bikini Body Workouts includes easy-to-follow and guided workouts to transform your body for the better. Moreover, this workout program still lets you enjoy eating your favorite foods.

The idea here is to tone and build muscles for the body and not make you skinny.

inside the workout program

What’s Inside The Program?

Online Instructional Exercise Videos

You’ll be provided with a series of easy-to-follow exercise videos by Jen Ferrugia herself. In this way, you’ll be guided on how to do each position correctly. This is very important to optimize the fat burning capability of each exercise.

Workout Guide

Along with the videos is a step-by-step guide in form of PDF and ebook. These workout guides contain valuable information needed as you go along with the exercises. It lays out every exercise, set, rep, and rest period so you’ll know how much time you need to allot for each exercise.

Nutrition Guide

Since this is an all-in-one workout program, contains ideas on what you can eat for your diet. Of course, the workout won’t restrict you from eating. However, it is highly recommended to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet by following the simple set of guides inside.

Supplement List

Inside the member’s area, you’ll also be provided with a list of supplements that you can take. The supplements that you can see are already tested and proven so you don’t have to waste on ineffective ones. Nonetheless, those are just optional if you want to maximize the effectiveness of the workout and improve your health.

Comprehensive Shopping List

Together with the nutrition guide is a shopping list. It includes nutritious ingredients that you can buy on your grocery trip. Again you don’t have to religiously follow and buy each. These are just recommendations to give you an idea of what kind of foods are nutritious for the body.

21-Day Booty Blast

This is a special program that contains exercises that target your booty. Of course, looking good in a bikini is not just because of a flat stomach, you also need to focus on firming and shaping your glutes. These won’t take too much of your time since the exercise can be done only in 10 minutes.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned, you’ll be provided with a set of video exercises showing how to properly do the positions. The exercises won’t take much of your time for you will only need 45 minutes a day to workout. Of course, too much exercise is bad so you just need to a lot 4 days a week to work out.

Each day focuses on a specific part of the body so you won’t get tired of doing the same routines. Bikini Body Workout System contains exercises good for 12 weeks. They also claim that you’ll see noticeable changes in as early as 60 days.

However, this won’t be the case for everybody. You can still go on and continue with the exercises until you get your desired results.

Furthermore, since we all can’t go out to exercise in gyms, Bikini Body Workout doesn’t require expensive gym equipment. Dumbells, foam rollers, and resistance bands which I believe are readily available at home are just what you need.

cost of bikini body workouts

How Much Does It Cost?

Like you, I was also blown away upon knowing about its inclusions. I mean, this is not your typical workout system. It basically includes everything you need to get that dream body. From the exercise video guides up to the nutritious meal plans, Bikini Body Workout has it all.

So for a one-time price of $29.99, you can get access to Bikini Body Workouts 60 Day Transformation Program. This is way cheaper compared to your monthly gym membership.

Moreover, you are also be given a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee for 60 days. This means that if after 60 days and you didn’t see your desired results, then, you are eligible to get a 100% refund.

Who is Jen Ferrugia?

Apart from being the creator of Bikini Body Workout, she is also a former softball player, a fitness model, and a nutrition enthusiast. Jen also graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Movement Science.

Basically, Jen has lived her life focusing on maintaining a fit and healthy body. With years of experience in fitness, she was able to come up with tried and tested techniques. Hence, the Bikini Body Workout System was created containing the exact same workouts that she used to achieve her body.

creator of bikini body workouts

PROS and CONS of Bikini Body Workout System


  • It contains a series of exercise videos that are easy to follow.
  • Perfect even for beginners.
  • It doesn’t require expensive gym equipment.
  • Can be done anytime and anywhere.
  • Won’t restrict you from eating your favorite foods.
  • Promotes healthy living.
  • Tested and proven by real users.
  • It retails at an affordable price.
  • You’ll be given a 100% refund.


  • Only available for purchase at their official website.
  • The workout guides are only available in PDF formats.
  • Results may vary.
  • Requires hard work and time.
  • Won’t give you instant results.
  • They could’ve provided videos as well about diet and nutrition.
  • It might be hard to communicate with fellow users as there are no support groups in the member’s area.

pros and cons of bikini body workouts

Who Can Benefit From the Program?

There’s this impression that Bikini Body is only for women who are already in shape. This is a big NO because it was created for women in all shapes and levels of experience. Whether you are new to working out or are just looking for ways to burn excess fat, then you’ll definitely benefit from this.

Bikini Body Workout System is perfect for those women who wanted to feel more confident about themselves.

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Is It A Scam?

Most definitely no, it is not a scam. Bikini Body Workout was created by a fitness coach and was based on her own techniques. Moreover, upon checking out their official website,, a lot of women have positive reviews and feedback about the program.

So if you are still in doubt, then you can go ahead and see it for yourself. Besides, you can get a full refund if ever you were not satisfied with how the program works for you.

final verdict for bbw

Final Thoughts

After thorough research regarding other reviews in efforts to learn more about Bikini Body, I was pretty much convinced that the program itself is effective in transforming women to achieve a lean and sexy body.

Furthermore, what I appreciate most about Bikini Body Workout System is the fact that this doesn’t merely include workout videos. It also has different guides that can help change your lifestyle for the better.

I also appreciate that Jen Ferrugia herself was the one who is teaching the exercise videos. In this way, more people would be confident enough that there are doing the right posture.

But still, we can’t fully rely on workout programs like this one. While it is effective, the results are not the same for everybody. That’s why it must also come from ourselves. If we truly want to burn fats and achieve our desired weight, then we should also make efforts in improving our lifestyle.

These workout programs exist just to help you but to really see the desired results, it must come from you. As long as you are dedicated and determined to lose weight, then you are can definitely make use of the system to the fullest.

You will really need to discipline and train yourself to strictly follow the guides. This is because the program is only there to provide you with instructions and guide you. The results would really depend on how you were able to make use of this program wisely.



Thank you for making it this far. I hope that this review has helped you decide on whether to buy the program or not. Best of luck in your weight-loss journey!



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