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Best tips to get laid and not be a loser with women

20 November 2016

In order to complement the teachings of the Language of Lust, I'm going to write a bunch of tips that my experience has taught me are the most useful things to keep in mind when you are going out, and would fancy having a lady by your side at the end of the night :)

This is specially for guys, or men (whatever you normally call yourself) who get tense around women, and who find it difficult to have a regular stream of sex because of that.

1. Wear nice clothing! It's not about the price, it's about having some style of your own and just looking good and decent. Everybody knows this, but damn...

classic man look

2. Change your hair style to something new and different, it will make you feel... more confident.

3. Don't give a damn about what anybody thinks. Hold your ground. If you're shy, that's not your fault. At least you are doing the honorable thing of escaping your comfort zone.

Most of the guys you think are the most confident, have in reality no balls to face their fears the way you are facing yours at that moment.

arnold in a horse manly

4. As I hinted in the main review page for LoL, I feel the key is to somehow get into talking with one girl. It doesn't matter how... just do it man. Even if you have to ask for a cigarette, when you don't even smoke. (Real life example!)

5. You probably know by experience that most fears are demolished the moment you truly face and figth them... damn! when I was a kid I was scared as hell the whole 10 minutes before riding a roller coaster yet the moment it got started, it faded.

So that's the thing, you are not as shy or weird as you have sometimes thought (we all feel like that at some points). I bet the second girl you speak to, you will feel MUCH more relaxed and able to speak your thoughts fluently, without messing sh#t up just with your mouth :)

6. Now, I do not encourage anyone to drink alcohol or anything, but if you already do that occasionally, let's be honest and realistic here... it may help! At least to defeat that initial inertia and break your comfort zone in terms of approaching women.

7. Again, don't give a damn, you are your own man, don't care about what others may think, and everything will follow.

8. LAST TIP! but an important one... leave online dating sites. Women there usually develop an inflated sense of who they are, considering there are probably 100 men for every 1 real women registered.

In my opinion and experience, the vast majority of men won't experience anything but being rejected and underestimated in those sites.

I'll leave you now with one funny, daring video... these guys are living examples of a life without fear of rejection or what others may think of you.

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