Parallel Profits a scam? No

The launch of Parallel Profits is approaching and expectation is building up.

Aidan and Steve hace produced incredible systems in the past, the dudes have been building online businesses since the mid 2000s!

They are also behind past successful IM products such as the infamous 100k Factory, which with a quick search you can see how much of an impact it had in the "make money online" industry.

So, in this article we are going to focus on putting together all the information and customer's feedback / reviews that I can gather, in order to help people in their consideration of joining the program.

Despite the lack of info as of now, there's something for sure: This is going to require your commitment.

It's probably going to sell for $2497 bucks or so. And it's proven well worth it to many people.

If that wasn't the case, they wouldn't dare to sell it so expensive, as the weight of previous clients' experiences would keep them from signing up new people at that price point.

We're also going to focus on the usual scam claims. Most people who've made a name for themselves in this industry say, and you can research this, that the best thing they did was to pay someone else to be their mentors / coachers / teachers.

The mental effect of having paid for something gives it the value it deserves, so you forget about excuses and put the information to practice (there are always going to be unproductive people who end up asking for a refund because they didn't even try, but that's the minority).

So, it's 100% reasonable that they ask for that much, and making a full-time income off the Internet is REAL, it is happening. Not everyone claiming that is a scammer.

The Parallel Profits bonus authors

So why is it not a scam?

Because the authors, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, have a very credible background, which is worth its weight in gold. They have been around for a long time, you can look them up, ask past customers for reviews, check out Aidan Booth's blog, etc... Clickbank is the platform they're going to use to launch Parallel Profits and this definitely IS NOT their first Internet Marketing system, so they wouldn't be allowed in if they were BS... Clickbank has been around since 98! They are as serious as it gets.

Having answered that... What is the system about? How long will it take to get results? Why is it called Parallel Profits? What do people think about it?

I promise I'll keep this updated as new info comes out!


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