"Size" depends on various factors like physical health, hormonal strength, proper circulation, healthy food habits... even mental health. All these said factors should benefit the penile muscles. In a similar fashion, boosting these need proper planning and determination.

That's where our Legendary Enlargement review (aka Monster 101) kicks in.

Some people may want to enlarge their size through surgical or non-surgical methods. The treatment of penis enlargement involves side effects that can last for a few days to long-term. Penis enlargement can be achieved through a few specific methods.

However, there are some important facts that need to be considered before adopting any method.

In point of fact, some of the methods can lead to serious impacts if don’t suit the person. Hence, it is advised to choose a natural method that has less or no side effects.

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1. Traction and Vacuum Devices

Traction devices are used to stretch the muscles and in turn to achieve enlargement. Studies have shown that traction devices can actually lengthen the penis by about 1 to 3 cms. In most cases, a person may need to wear the device for several hours to achieve improvement.

The process may have to continue for a few days. Considerably, the safety and effectiveness of Traction devices are not backed by solid scientific evidence.

Vacuum devices for PE

Several brands offer numerous traction devices in various price ranges. Reading the customer reviews and detailed specifications of the device might give you the idea about the usage and effectiveness of the device. Likewise, product comparisons can give a more clear picture of the features.

Vacuum devices aim to create a vacuum by pumping air. That way, more blood is drawn to the penis and cause enlargement. Notably, this process is used to treat erectile dysfunction and impotence. No solid research results available to prove the effectiveness of this method. But still, this method is being used by many people across the globe.

2. Foods That Support P.E.

Foods like salmon, bananas, onions, yogurt, broccoli, and dark chocolates are considered to help in penis enlargement. These foods can provide Omega3, Zinc, lean proteins, and helps in improve circulation in penile muscles.

Remember, diet alone is not proved to yield rapid results. An active sex-life helps. This method is aimed at achieving results with less to no side effects. In the same way, the results last longer than any other method.

Diet for PE

3. Exercises!

Exercises to enlarge the penis arewidely known as Jelqing. Through this method, you can increase the circulation to the penis. Though the increased blood flow makes the penis slightly larger, the results are temporary. Long-term results are hardly found or proved.

Moreover, it is believed by many that jelqing can cause damage to the penile tissues. Likewise, there are no scientific research or results that prove the effectiveness of this method.

Exercises for PE

4. Supplements, Pills & Lotions

Supplements remain a worthy choice if you can’t maintain a proper diet to increase penis size. Precisely, they contain all the much-needed nutrients to improve the circulation in penile muscles. Plus, they are easy to consume and need less effort to maintain consumption. Likewise, it helps in increasing the testosterone levels to boost the sex mood.

Again, the effectiveness of this method varies from person to person. It depends on the activity level, sex-life, and routine supplement intake.

Supplements for PE enlargement

5. Surgery

Surgery is another option that aids in increasing length and / or width. Several types of surgeries can be carried out to achieve the desired results. However, it involves risks that tend to last long. Identically, this option is not a suggested method by most of the research institutes.

Predominantly, non-surgical methods tend to have fewer side-effects than the surgical methods. Likewise, reviews tell us these tend to be expensive hence not suitable for most people. Here's a good article about PE.


All the previously discussed methods have their own set of advantages and setbacks. Side effects and effectiveness of these methods tend to vary from person to person. Results of these methods are not guaranteed.

It is highly suggested to perform your own research before following any methods that we didn’t discuss in this page.

Honestly, our #1 recommendation is Legendary Enlargement, which is going to be released on January 2019 by legend M9ter (aka M9, aka CJ Major).

Because of that, we couldn't find actual feedback as of yet, but the guy has a hell of a track-record... check him out... probably worth trying.

This is the link if you want to check it out or grab it.

- A few words from a person we asked for his opinion:

Legendary Enlargement is a very new PE method... During the method's development, the author got his inspiration from a medical study on priapism. Priapism is the condition where a penis remain in a bigger than normal erect state. This study shows that one possible outcome is megalophallus. From the study itself: We report a little known sequel of priapism: painless megalophallus, with significant penile enlargement. The patient had had an intense episode of priapism 9 years previously and his penis remained enlarged. The Legendary Enlargement method has found a way to safely recreate the same conditions to get the enlargement benefit without any of the negative effects of priapism. This is a revolutionary and novel approach to PE.

Whatever you do, keep it safe and always check with a doctor if needed! Best of luck.



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